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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here we have listed a few of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question please don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email as we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I book a Campaign or Event?
Just give us a call on 0800 246 1106 or email
Do I Have To Book A Full Day?
No. We offer pricing for packages from 1 hour to 1 month.

Where Are Big Event Screens Ltd Based & What Area Do We Cover?
We are based in the East Midlands we cover the whole of the UK throughout Scotland, England & Wales. Our campaigns take us to major towns including: Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London.
How Much Does A Campaign or Event Cost?
Prices vary depending on time/day/season/location etc, but just give us a call with your requirement and we will give you a price straight away.
What Screen Sizes Are Available?
Our Standard LED screen size is 12 square meters. These are suitable for a wide range of outdoor advertising applications or events, and perfect for engaging and broadcasting to any size audience. We can also offer larger and double sided screens as required.
Do The Screens Lift?
Yes. Our vehicles are equipped with a screen lifting system which will give the screen a height of 2.5 meters at the bottom and 5 meters at the top. The vehicle is supported with jack legs when the screen is in the up position for safety reasons.
I Need More Than One Digivan ?
We can supply multiple vehicles subject to availability. Just give us a call on 0800 246 1106 or email
I Want To Know About Insurance & Big Events Screens Health & Safety Policies?
Big Event Screens Limited has public liability insurance of £5 million. A full work pack is available on request which gives you all the relevant information and includes copies of insurance as well as our H&S policies, PAT testing as well as our safe working practises documentation.
What Inputs Can The Screen Take?
Our 12m Screens come as standard with video switching equipment and are capable of accepting various analog and digital signals including HDMI, SDI (converted to HDMI) Component Analog, VGA, SVGA, DVI, BNC Composite (PAL).
The content is not just limited to high quality video, we can also display slide shows, presentations,  JPEGs or Flash. The playlist can be set up to change throughout the day or at set times. We can stream online content and display real time feeds including cameras.
Can I Plug In A Xbox/Playstation Into The Screen?
Yes, although to be able to play it you will probably need to be a minimum of 10 meters away from the screen.
What is the Screen Ratio & Resolution?
The screen is 16:9 Format.  The actual viewing pixels are 560 x 320. Content provided at higher resolution is automatically re- scaled. All we ask is you give us the highest resolution you have and our on-board scaler will take care of the rest. We can play all Windows based file formats stills, animations or videos, JPG, PNG, Flash, Mpeg, Mp4, AVI, WMV

(Please Note some providers advertise HD screens, there isn’t a “MOBILE” outdoor LED screen that can display 1080p HD Video. To do this the screen would need to typically be 19.20m wide 10.8m high depending on pixel pitch)
Can You Play Audio With My Campaign?
Yes we have speakers on board for mobile campaigns. For larger events we offer a separate professional PA system.
Do You have Cameras And A Camera Crew?
Yes we offer in house cameras and a film crew as well as a professional video mixing desk. All our cameras are HD. Our mixing desk can also mix pc based inputs with live footage from multiple sources.
Can You Relocate The Vehicle At The Event? 
Yes our rapid and flexible screens can be as versatile as you require, within a few minutes the screen can be hydraulically lowered and the legs lifted and relocated and set up at another area of your venue. For instance the screen can be at the entrance, at the start of the event, relocated the heart of the event, then at the end of the event we can relocate the vehicle to the exit point informing your attendees of the next event.

​​Who Provides Power For The Screens ?

Our vehicles are fitted with on-board ultra quiet generators, which power the large on-board LED screens whilst on the move or static. This allows us to take your campaigns & Events to city centres or the middle of a field.  Although our generators are ultra silent some venues prefer us to use venue supplied power. This is fine and we require single phase 32 Amp supply.