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See how we supply temporary cost effective screens for events which are set up in seconds. 


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Big Event Screens Vehicles are eye-catching, versatile, portable and memorable; this high impact market leading media format has set the standard for outdoor advertising. 

Our digital marketing solution puts your brand or product at the heart of the audiences and makes you stand out in a crowd. Our LED Screens can display live, interactive or pre-produced content. We can stream online content and display real time feeds including cameras as well as social media campaigns.

Our Mobile screens can reach thousands of people in just one day, it’s not just a cost effective way of running a campaign, but a great way of getting your message to your target audience.

Our large daylight viewable LED screens use the latest technology tailored to your needs to achieve the best results, from outdoor screenings to digital advertising, all resulting in entertaining your guests or driving your advertising message home.

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